Kannur Lighthouse & Park

Distance from Amban Heritage : 7.3km

The Cannanore lighthouse is located near the Payyambalam Beach, a few kilometers from Kannur town, in Kerala state, south India. It is adjacent to the Sea View Park and the Government Guest House. The lighthouse is still active and overlooks the Arabian Sea.

Cannanore is the old English name for the town named Kannur. The lighthouse at Kannur is still often referred to as the Cannanore lighthouse.

Cannanore (now Kannur) was an important seaport under the 15th century rulers of North Malabar The Kolathiris(The rulers of Kolathunad)and Arakkal Ali Rajas of Kannur(The one and only muslim kingdom of Kerala). The port had maritime links with the ports of Madras, Colombo, Tuticorin, Alleppey,Mangalore, Bombay and Karachi.