Peralassery Temple

Distance from Amban Heritage : 13.1 km

Peralaserry Subramania Temple along with Payyanur Subramania temple is probably the most important and must visit Subramania Temples in Kerala. The story or "Aithihyam" behind this temple is unique and has it's roots in the Ramayana epic.

It is believed that the Subramania Peralassery Temple is a place where Lord Sri Rama along with Lakshmana halted on their way to Sri Lanka, in their search and endeavour to rescue Sita Devi from Ravana's imprisonment.

The Peralassery Subramanya Temple, is located 15 kms from Kannur. It is also believed that people who visit Peralaserry temple must also visit the nearby Makrery temple. The main "vazhipaddu" or offerings in this temple are "Subramania Puja" and "Mutta Oppikal" (offering of eggs to the revered snake deity). The main deity of this temple is Lord Subramania.